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CO-founder, Director, & TREASURER


“Progressive. Liberal. Democrat. In that order.” -Laura Jackson

“I have seen the need to focus on both Urban & Rural issues. Urban: to make sure there is affordable urban food access & transit for everyone, to register people to vote, to reduce poll times. Rural: to provide accessible broadband if desired, to conserve land, to prevent corporate gain from eminent domain, and lastly, to show up and listen in rural areas.”

Political Consultant 2018. “In May 2018 after the 5th district Convention I started my own political consulting company, Local Jurisdiction Consulting.

Former Field Director for Sneathern for Congress 2018 Campaign. “This was a super fun campaign to work for gaining caucus and convention experience. I started out as a northern region field organizer and was promoted to Field Director in April. ‘Cockburn was selected by 62 percent of delegates, as compared to 26 percent for Andrew Sneathern and 12 percent for R.D. Huffstetler.[2]

Former Rural Field Organizer for Elizabeth Guzman for Delegate 2017 Campaign. “In May 2017, I met Elizabeth, and was captivated by her mission to unseat 8 term Delegate Scott Lingamfelter. She was a passionate, progressive candidate, who also had the national support at Our Revolution. I learned most of what I know from being assigned six rural precincts of House District 31. It is also where I fell in love with the task of campaigning and organizing, and made a ton of life-long friends within the community! In my six precincts, Del. Guzman and the campaign volunteers we cultivated, increased the Democratic margin by 2.7% & Democratic turnout.”

Graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.



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“One of my earliest political memories is of sitting with my mom looking at a vote count graphic in the old DC evening paper, The Washington Star, after the election of 1980. I was crushed that President Carter had lost, but my mom used the occasion to give me one of my first civics lessons.

I studied Economics and Chemistry at Princeton and graduated from Princeton with an AB in Chemistry in 1998.

I have worked in the public and private sector,  started and managed non-profits and businesses. After working as a staffer on Barack Obama's 2008 campaign, I have focused my scientific background on media and data consulting for progressive politicians, candidates, campaigns, and advocacy groups. My work for Congressional candidates across the US and local candidates in the Commonwealth of Virginia also led to me becoming a producer and writer of films and message spots to promote these candidates and causes.

I live with my partner Laura, and my daughter Alexandra in Charlottesville, Virginia.”


OuTReach Supervisor



“I am currently a third year student at the University of Virginia studying U.S. Government and history. I am expected to graduate in 2020. 

I began my political career working as a fellow for the Ralph Northam for Governor Campaign in 2017. I then met Andrew Sneathern at a University Democrats event. We instantly connected over our backgrounds growing up in rural farming communities. After a brief period as a volunteer, I was brought onto the campaign as the Events Coordinator. I gained invaluable experience planning and executing meet and greet events all across the Fifth  Congressional district. The caucus convention process was a unique experience that taught me the value a single vote can have on an election.

 I grew up in Clarke County Virginia working on farms. I know the needs of rural communities, because I come from a rural community. Now more than ever, the Commonwealth’s rural and urban communities need real allies that will stand up for the real issues that face individuals.”